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Thoughtful Citizenship Guide

Thoughtful Citizenship

A non-partisan guide for having thoughtful conversations, even with those who disagree, so that everyone comes out alive and maybe even learns something along the way…
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Welcome to my world!

I used to talk about resolving conflict as critical, but I realized, that we only resolve conflict to get to a point of collaboration.
What I want to share with you are a whole bunch of tips, tools, techniques, and ways of interacting that will help you create powerful collaborations and powerful partnerships.

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  • We certainly enjoyed your positive presentation of a topic most folks find very difficult to discuss ? ?conflict?. Your message of open communication and recognizing how past experiences play a part in our individual attitudes toward resolving conflict really hit home to me. >From the comments I received during break and after lunch, I believe you delivered timely message to the rest of my staff as well. Your uplifting closing remarks set the tone for a productive and effective afternoon training session for everyone. Thank you ever so much.–Barbara Cassens, Director, San Francisco District FDA, Pacific Region

  • You were able to lead a roomful of legal know-it-alls to a foolproof technique for avoiding the unnecessary communication problems that get in the way of achieving mutually satisfying resolutions of conflict. In just a few hours, you showed us how to reacquire the lost art of LISTENING. I am getting along better at the office, at home, and at the courthouse.–F. Ford Loker, Esq., Maryland State DRI Representative                                                 .

  • You resolve issues that stifle productivity and create partnership where everyone thought it was impossible. Gail Johnson, Sierra Adoption Services I am using your model in many business situations for teaming, managing client relationships and negotiating large sales and contracts.–TG Struttman, Caterpillar Inc, OC It’s always a treat to watch, listen, and learn from a master.There is a definite buzz for More! from our participants.–Univ. of San Francisco, Office of Personnel Services                                                                     .

  • Stewart Levine has developed a model for conflict resolution that could revolutionize the manner in which we speak, communicate, and settle our disagreements. Mr. Levine is an attorney who has witnessed first hand the litigious system. He is suggesting that for the majority of issues that confront us in our daily lives there is an alternative, a less costly, and a more efficient methodology in which to achieve our goals. As someone who has spent the better part of the past twenty years attempting to assist people in settling conflicts, I can attest to the value of Mr. Levine's methodology.–Dan Corsello, Dir., Napa County Health & Human Services

  • In the workforce I found that the agreement model transcends all lines of management and can be incorporated in relationships with direct reports, colleagues, and senior management. I have seen my direct reports become empowered as they are enabled to have individual input and share in the credit of the results; my management benefits because the entire team is in agreement and harmony as to how to achieve the end results. Now, when original agreements are broken or simply cannot be met, we have learned to use this tool to implement new or revised agreements. This has allowed what could have been negative situations to become positive and productive experiences.–Jan Gould, Dir., Membership, VISA

  • Getting to Resolution is an important book for the hectic time we live in. It is a reminder that civilization rests on our ability to communicate with each other, and resolve differences in a peaceful way. This is true for individuals, organizations, and nations. We cannot afford to file lawsuits or start wars when good communication will get us to the other side of our differences.–Lord Graham of Edmonton, Opposition Chief Whip, House of Lords, London

We offer convenient multi-media courses and tools for individuals and couples, management, leadership, and professional development through our affiliates.

The Mobile Business Academy provides today’s professional with elite business training on the go. The Art of Collaboration: Creating Shared Vision & Powerful Sustaining Partnerships is a program that will provide the conversational templates for creating shared vision and agreements for results. It also provides the conversational skills for resolving inevitable differences and conflict making the collaborations sustainable. Click to learn more …

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The Internet Bar Organization’s mission is to use the Internet to promote legal and economic justice for all people. To increase access to legal justice, Internet Bar seeks to develop and refine the content, structure, and delivery of the emerging online ?e-justice? system.

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When you’re managing virtual teams, keeping your staff engaged and productive is often a big challenge. However at its core, virtual leadership is about keeping everyone focused?and that often boils down to conflict resolution. Preventing and Resolving Conflict in Cyberspace: How to Build Sustainable Collaboration in Virtual Teams will teach you to do just that. Join AMA and take advantage of this and many other valuable seminars.


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