We provide the technology and communication tools that keep you on track when conflicts arise.

Stewart Levine is a creative problem solver. He is widely recognized for creating agreement and empowerment in the most challenging circumstances. He improves productivity while saving the enormous cost of conflict. His innovative work with “Agreements for Results’ and his “Resolutionary” conversational models are unique.

Content…Content…Content. Although he is motivational Stewart provides real tools that give you immediate access to the unique content Stewart has developed. Some of them are here: Books, Videos, Webinars and interviews. Please feel free to contact us to speak about how we can customize our programs to fit your specific needs.

These are ways you can engage in programmed learning that will facilitate increasing your collaborative capacity. We have described a number of examples of the programs we are capable of delivering. Effective change comes from applied learning that takes place over a period of time combined with personal coaching. Please ask for a free consult.

Our desire is to maximize the number of people who have access to the content and processes for collaborating effectively. We have provided a number of articles, some inspirational poetry and links to a variety of programs Stewart has delivered over the past few years. The links to complimentary but highly useful resources.