Add Your Light to the Sum of Light – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Hope you are enjoying the summer. Can’t believe the conversation has already turned to the beginning of school…time marches on! I’m just going to stay in a summertime mindset through October! So be it…      – Stewart



Recently my step-daughter sent me the following link to a piece about PTS. My essential conclusion after reflecting on it is that we are all living with some degree of PTS.

I responded:

That’s the umpteenth piece I’ve read or was mentioned ...

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Martha Fay Africa and Stewart LevineSorry to be absent for so long. My beloved wife Marty died on January 21. She was an extraordinary woman. Just Google Martha Fay Africa if you want to know why.  I miss her and life relentlessly goes on.

I can’t believe it’s been almost ten months since my last post. Given the incredible array of media I’m sure few noticed my absence. I just posted my ...

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I recently spent three weeks traveling in Japan. Of course I was on holiday so I was without the usual level of push and drive and drive to get things done. That said there were a number of factors in the context in which I was living that contributed to my sense of well-being.  These struck me as both things I observed that were present and those that were absent. In no particular order of importance here are the factors I observed and ...

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The Truth Does Not Always Set You Free

A question I am frequently asked in my workshops is how to achieve an attitude of resolution where people have dug in their heels, or they have a difficult personality, or they have more power in the situation than you have. This is a subject many people find challenging and frustrating. There are no easy answers, and sometimes people won’t budge, but here are the  suggestions that have worked for me:
  1. Honor ...
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Conflict as an Ordinary and Expected Phenomenon

When I listen to businesspeople and lawyers talk, I usually hear them speaking about the problems and issues that upset, concern, or worry them.

Many people have difficulty accepting that life is filled with surprises, conflict, disappointment, unmet expectations, and change. These things happen?consistently and predictably. This phenomenon was elegantly expressed by an infant I once saw at an airport. Mom was preparing the child for a feeding, and she pulled out a beautiful embroidered ...

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Adversarial Politics Does Not Work

That’s not actually accurate…it does work for the media, tv stations airing ads, the pundits and everyone committed to being right. It does not work for all the thoughtful and concerned people who want to see an effective and efficient electoral process and governance. Unfortunately there is no alternative so people like me just watch as the theatre of the absurd plays out. Make no mistake – I care deeply about people and the political process. Unfortunately the US elections ...

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Becoming ResponAble

Most of us avoid taking personal responsibility for conflict resolution. We often lack the courage to deeply connect with others and we personally avoid confrontation. If we have a disagreement in a business transaction or with a neighbor, we may let a lawyer take care of it. If we have emotional conflict, we may visit a therapist or counselor who we hope will tell us what to do.

The symptoms of conflict are stress, pain, and discomfort. When you take personal ...

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The Real Source of Conflict

A few weeks ago I posted 20 keys for creating the freedom of a conflit free life. One of the comments I recieved was that each of the 20 keys I posted could stand alone as a worthy post. I decided to take that comment to heart and say a bit more about each one of the tips over the next few weeks and months. Here is the original key:

All conflict takes place at the level of personality. The real ...

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Listening is The Critical Most Important Skill

The only way to resolve conflict is to listen to what they have to say. Until you stop thinking about yourself, your position, and what you’ll say next you have no chance to resolve the conflict.

Listening is the most underrated of communication skills. People think that good listeners are great communicators and they become more interested in you.

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