Where is this going this virus thing
Has us all reflect on all the bling
What’s really important in life
What really protects from all the strife

What are lessons you can learn
More important than what you earn
Who are the guides that help you get through
Who has answers to design something new

As we contend with mass dislocation
What is the something to provide elation
Who has perspective and wise self-talk
When asked to step in they do not balk

Why this experience foisted on us
What is the cause creating this fuss
Not just the disease that will kill many
Economic havoc may take every penny

Now is the time develop a will
In all the chaos can you be still
Quiet your chatter sniveling complaint
Forget about what was know now it ain’t

This has been brewing for many a year
Systemic collapse may finally be here
We’re paying for excess debt has come due
We became inhuman in what we’d do

In this harsh climate let us discover
We have our neighbors as sister brother
Can we rediscover our human goodness
Can we let go of all of our shouldness

Embrace the spirit of your human heart
Let that vibration become your art
Hold hands embrace all those you love
Never again give them a shove

Humans are worthy of your connection
Let those around you be a reflection
Get what you give right now we need
Let go of conditions and any greed

Embrace the real bounty and magic of life
Embrace all your goodness and be a mid-wife
This chance is here may not come again
Time to be conscious making new friends

Friends of the flowers friends of the fields
Friends of the produce that this earth yields
Rethink your life relish what’s on it
Don’t miss the heaven here on this planet

A song that embraces all that is sacred
The natural world is sincere does not fake it
A new set of values new priorities
Give thanks to all get down on your knees

There are no others to guide you home
Rely on yourself or be destined to roam
Get quiet and slow sit still and breathe
Honor your soul and those you feed

Be an example for all in your sphere
Of what it takes to really be here
Write your own story honor your heart
Let that remain your crowning art

– Stewart Levine