Adversarial Politics Does Not Work

That’s not actually accurate…it does work for the media, tv stations airing ads, the pundits and everyone committed to being right. It does not work for all the thoughtful and concerned people who want to see an effective and efficient electoral process and governance. Unfortunately there is no alternative so people like me just watch as the theatre of the absurd plays out. Make no mistake – I care deeply about people and the political process. Unfortunately the US elections have devolved into a useless, no problem solving exercise and stands as a place where peacocks can strut and pander to their base. Who wins: no one. Who loses: everyone. Who is hurt – everyone. Who pays a price: everyone.

As a practicing attorney I realized that fighting was a silly way to solve problems. So I searched for better ways, discovered mediation and dialogue and did some innovating of my own. Now I teach others the “how to’s” of successful communicating, problem solving and resolution of seemingly intractable conflict. I’ve offered my services to a number of contacts within the legislative process. No takers. Few are interested in learning…most are committed to playing the same game. We would do better to throw them all out and begin anew.

We know better. We understand the tools of communication, dialogue and collaboration.

We have real problems that need addressing with thoughtful solutions.

Is anyone listening?