Where is this going this virus thing
Has us all reflect on all the bling
What’s really important in life
What really protects from all the strife

What are lessons you can learn
More important than what you earn
Who are the guides that help you get through
Who has answers to design something new

As we contend with mass dislocation
What is the something to provide elation
Who has perspective and wise self-talk
When asked to step in they do not ...

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Martha Fay Africa and Stewart LevineSorry to be absent for so long. My beloved wife Marty died on January 21. She was an extraordinary woman. Just Google Martha Fay Africa if you want to know why.  I miss her and life relentlessly goes on.

I can’t believe it’s been almost ...

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Adversarial Politics Does Not Work

That’s not actually accurate…it does work for the media, tv stations airing ads, the pundits and everyone committed to being right. It does not work for all the thoughtful and concerned people who want to see an effective and efficient electoral process and governance. Unfortunately there is no alternative so people like me just watch as the theatre of the absurd plays out. Make no mistake – I care deeply about people and the political process. Unfortunately the US elections ...

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