RESOLUTION is an outcome, not a specific process.

RESOLUTION is the condition of the parties and their resources after a conflict, dispute, disagreement or breakdown is put to rest.

RESOLUTION returns parties to productivity and coordination. Without coordination, productivity is very limited. Coordination is based on relationship.

RESOLUTION brings parties to address their relationships and resume coordination.

No matter what process is used, RESOLUTION requires:

Moving from conflict to a workable agreement–a dynamic context for action and cooperation;
Honoring the concerns of all parties;
Taking new actions that put the conflict and its impact to rest;
Commitment to ongoing relationships;
Getting beyond the emotional positions of the parties;
Establishing a new vision for the future that bypasses or diffuses blame, punishment and damages, and recognizes the parties’ potential value to each other;
Recognizing new practices essential for the success of the operational relationships;
Willingness to learn, courage to change and compassion to forgive.

All parties assess they have won.
All parties assess their resources have been optimized by the process.
All parties acknowledge that conflict and breakdown are inevitable in life, and assess they are in a better condition to handle them in the future.